Air for Fire


A collection of nine short stories and various poems, by David Major.

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The cover image is Lela, by Miranda Watts.

Titles with links in the contents list below can be read in full on Wattpad.


The Stories

Air for Fire
The Princess Aslauga
The Tower
The One a Dog Runs To
All That The Thunderer Wrung From Thee
Feeding the Beast
The Serpent and the Horse

The Poems

The Hound of Empedocles
Travel to Allahabad
All 1,000 Songs
The Unspeakable Kangaroo
Machinist Tippit
The Mystery and Melancholy of a Street
One Falcon Wing
I Dispatched a Flight of Hornets
Twelve Boats
The Party
The Great Roc
The Scythian Horse Archer
The Fundamental Question
The Monumental Lie
Finding the Weight of the Moon
7:49 (Train)
This is Port Dog
Wyfurge’s Letter
The Secret Weapon


Paperback: Amazon
Ebook: KindleKobo