The Day of the Nefilim


Read the first few chapters of The Day of the Nefilim here.

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“THERE IS NOTHING more joyous to me than discovering new, raw creativity. David Major, regardless of his hallucinogen(s) of choice, is a rare find and a fun read.
With a smidgeon of Douglas Adams he spends all of six pages before rearranging our world with a sledgehammer and sending us down into underground caves, underworld civilizations in a ship that sails the winds of time. While Mr. Major hints occasionally at the science and history behind his bizarre story it almost doesn’t matter as this great book if a delightful fantasy and well worth the read.” — J. Stephen Peek

“THE DAY OF THE NEFILIM is an impressively written science fiction saga that involves culture clashes between humans, underground mutant races who yearn for the surface, an alien civilization chasing after their lost home planet in Earth’s solar system, and much, much more. The Day Of The Nefilim is highly recommended to science fiction enthusiasts as an engaging, mixed-up adventure of conflict, negotiation, back-stabbing, conspiracy, — and a small-town girl who unknowingly impacts upon it all.” — MidWest Book Review

GOOD STORY. Lots of nice science fiction detail: strange aliens, end of the world scenario, weird flying ships, invisibility, ugly despot. Can’t get enough of this stuff. Includes a great view of a better life beyond the war zone. Looking forward to the next one. What’s Alexis going to get us into now?” — Sue Lange

“I HAVE BEEN READING SF since about 1970, when I was ten years old, having inherited a bookshelf of the greats – Heinlein, Herbert, Azimov, Bradbury, Vonnegut, etc, when my family moved in to a new house. Since then I have devoured just about everything in most of the genres that have populated the print and electronic worlds as they have matured along with the realities of hard science. I have also been a fan of conspiracy lit, be it templar, illuminati, or of the X-Files sort. In the last year, as a result of having an iphone and discovering, I have started consuming more and more SF from the ‘unknowns’ and ‘unsigned’ which have been showing up with a greater frequency, and the fact of the matter is: The Day of The Nefilim is one of the best SF novels I have read since I began reading. Maybe that’s just because all of what I have read until now provided the knowledge and context to appreciate the depth of David’s work, which didn’t allow me to put it down until I finished it. Straight through, in one sitting. Yeah, that’s right, I did not put the book down until I finished reading it. Couldn’t. Well done David. Keep writing. Can’t wait to read your next book… You would make Robert Anton Wilson proud, and Douglas Adams smile.” — exiledsurfer on

“SCANNING OVER THE REVIEWS of this book which you have already received, I see that all the good superlatives have already been ably employed;  the richness of praise so opulent and resounding that even a great big word freak like myself is hard put to say anything that would glitter for an instant in the clamoring tide.So, all I can say is that I love this book as much as I love all of my favorite science fiction books, and that’s a quantity that defies quantifiers.  Everything in this book is perfect.  The ending is perfect; the villains are perfect; the characters and images and settings are perfect.  I, too, could barely put it down. And I want to also say, thank you.” — P. Deering

“I’VE READ A LOT OF SF and conspiracy theories in my time, watched thousands of SF movies and documentaries, but I’ve never come across anything with the likes of your imagination. I was only able to understand it because of all I’ve read and watched in the last twenty years. I’ve never read any of your work before, but I believe you stand out.” — E.V.

THIS WAS AN EXCELLENT READ. Elements of Moorcock, Heinlein and Barker. Deserves serious consideration for the avid SF reader. Hopefully will spawn some more installments in the story line. Also feel it has the makings of a good screenplay. Thanks for the great writing David!” — Ron W.

AND JUST AS PIG ‘was going to have a crap in the grass, then a roll in the mud’, it finished. Great read, I hope to see more. Reminds me a lot of that Triffids book which sticks in my mind from about 40 years ago. Good read  ” — be1952.

“GREAT STORY! One of the most original I’ve read in a long time! Brilliant use of characters and current events. I couldn’t put it down.” —MF,

“WELL I JUST FINISHED the first half of this fine story, what can I say other than I’m hooked!!!!!! Who’s the blue mutant woman, does Bark get with Reina?!?! Can the rebel mutants shut down the Nefilim grid and engage theirs before it’s too late?!?! Hmm, I guess I won’t find out until you release the second half. A big New York City thanks to you and some fine SF writing.” — LC,

“THANK YOU for publishing the The Day Of The Nefilim for the Palm. I have enjoyed the imagery that you have provided in the story and think that your style of writing is very captivating. Keep up the good work, and thank you again. I have enjoyed the reading MUCH so far!” — WP,

“…THIS IS AN EXCELLENT full-on fantasy sci fi that incorporates current parallels and a unique and engrossing universe. An interesting blend of 2D and 3D characters and an interesting ‘life in the interior’ scenario. When’s the movie coming?” —RS, PalmGear

“LOVED THE BOOK. It ranks, in my mind, with L. Ron Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth. Would be a great movie. Please continue.” — LG

“WOW!!! Oh my. I almost quit work to finish the first part. I got lost in the awesome surrealism of this novel. When I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. Please (I beg), for humanity’s sake, make Part 2 available in the .lit version. I’ll pay for it. I’ll almost buy a Palm Pilot just to read the second part.” — lawalty,

“OKAY, OKAY. That was cooooooooool.” — MP, Branch Manager, West Indianapolis Branch Library


Paperback: Amazon  ♦ Barnes & NobleBooks-A-MillionBook DepositoryIndependent Bookstores 
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The cover

The alien on the cover is used with the kind permission of Aaron Sims of Aaron Sims Creative . The alien (and he’s pretty much how I imagined the Nefilim while I was writing the novel) apparently began life as a piece of concept art for the movie Signs. Happily, they didn’t use it! Thanks, Aaron, much appreciated – David