David Major 

Excerpt: The first few chapters of ‘The Day of the Nefilim’

// David Major // Excerpt: The Day of the Nefilim // "The sun darkens. At first imperceptibly, and then with greater speed, it casts an unfamiliar veil over itself. It is the first eclipse in years. The people look up at the sky, where some of them notice to the east a star falling to its death, and others watch the hulking disk of the moon that obscures the sun. It was all there in the sky that day, above Barker’s Mill. After a few minutes, the eclipse is over. The planets creak slowly along their orbits, and soon everything is as it was...." More >
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Excerpt: Chapters 1 & 2 of ‘Tritcheon Hash’

// Sue Lange // Excerpt from Tritcheon Hash // “Disengage please, Sylvant Hash.” “Disengaged,” Slvt. Tritcheon Hash answered. “And fucked!” she added. “I’m sorry?” The reply through the voice feeder was pretending it had missed that last thing. “Nothing,” Tritch said, switching off the vox. “Nothing. Nothing.” Blame her impatience on the fact that she’d been sitting in a one-size-fits-all seat for the past six hours. She had spent most of that time trying to revive parts of her body that had fallen asleep. It was an impossible task, since the hemp straps held her securely in place just like the procedural manuals liked it. S More >

Tritcheon Hash

// Sue Lange // Paperback // A new edition of Sue Lange's mercilesss and clever Sci Fi satire of pretty much everything to do with the relationships between women and men. No one escapes unscathed... This witty and often hard-hitting story is set in a weird dystopic future which also manages to seem oddly familiar... In the year 3011, humanity has gone through a collective divorce, with the male and female halves taking to different planets to live. More >
David Major 

The Day of the Nefilim

// David Major // Paperback, Kindle, epub // “There is nothing more joyous to me than discovering new, raw creativity. David Major, regardless of his hallucinogen(s) of choice, is a rare find and a fun read. With a smidgeon of Douglas Adams he spends all of six pages before rearranging our world with a sledgehammer and sending us down into underground caves, underworld civilizations in a ship that sails the winds of time. While Major hints occasionally at the science and history behind his bizarre story, it almost doesn't matter as this great book if a delightful fantasy and well worth the read.” "Can’t wait to read your next book… You would make Robert Anton Wilson proud, and Douglas Adams smile.” — exiledsurfer on Manybooks.net More >