The Climbing Boy

Mark Lichterman

Illegally sold as a ‘climbing boy’ – a chimney sweep’s apprentice – for the pittance of back rent owed on the shack he and his mother had lived in before she died, Zachariah is now nothing more than a slave to his owner, an abusive drunk. His mother dead these past five years, the image of her face fading from his memory, the boy struggles to remember… but now she appears only in deep shadow, even in his dreams. She is gone. Then, on the day before Christmas in 1843 – the very same mystical Christmas Eve that Scrooge received his three ghostly visitors – the familiar face of a kind woman strikes a deep chord in Zachariah, one that rekindles the memory of his mother, and gives the boy hope for a new and different future.

— “A magical Christmas tale – deserves to become a classic.”
— “A dark, but hopeful, riveting look at London society in the 1800s.”
— “You’ll fall in love with Zachariah…”


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