The Wheel of Health

Guy Wrench

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“Why not research health, as well as disease?”

The Hunza of northern Pakistan were famous for their extraordinary vitality and health.

Dr Wrench argues that in part at least, this is because their food was not made ‘sophisticated’, by the artificial processes typically applied to modern processed food. How these processes affect our food is dealt with in great detail in this book.

The answer that Dr Wrench uncovered in his researches goes deeper than just the food, though. The real answer lies in what was special about the Hunza’s water supply.

A new edition, illustrated.


1 – The Hunza People
2 – A Revolution in Outlook
3 – The Shift to Experimental Science
4 – The Start
5 – Continuity and Heredity
6 – Other Whole-diet Experiments
7 – Fragmentation
8 – The Cause of Disease
9 – The Hunza Food
10 – The Cultivation of Hunza Food
11 – Progress by Return
12 – An Experiment


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