A Year’s Worth of Weeks: Any-year Diary and Journal


ISBN 9780980770681
280 pages, hardcover

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This is the simplest in planners and journals. There are no distractions here – no conversion tables, no international holidays, and no lists of dialing codes, school holidays or maps. There are no inspirational quotes or staff leave planners, either. If you want any of these, you’ll be writing them in yourself.

The concept with the Distant Mirror “Year’s Worth of Weeks” diary and journal is to have the entire layout as stripped down and as bare as possible, with no unnecessary marks, bling, or decoration at all. There is nothing here to distract your from your mission.
Everything that is on the pages of A Year’s Worth of Weeks is there for a reason. Which means, it turns out, that there isn’t much at all:

– A yearly planner – 3 months to a page.

– 52 week-to-a-view spreads. Day names, lines to write on, and a space to write the date.

– 160 journal pages with lines to write on, and page numbers.

– 4 pages for contents entries for the journal pages; here’s where you’ll keep track of your journal pages and their contents.

– Lastly, there’s a rather tasteful Ex Libris plate that we couldn’t resist.

That’s it – about as simple as it can be made. If you’ve got any suggestions as to how to make the perfect diary and journal, please feel free to contact us at journal@adistantmirror.com.au

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