About here

So what is the point here?

Simply put, it is to make sure that as many people as possible are made aware (or reminded) of the streams of scientific and historical thought which are old and new at the same time.

So a new idea, such as the importance of gut bugs, or as other people call them the microbiome, can find itself informed by Bechamp’s pleomorphism and microzymas. And then you might go down the rabbit hole of all the researchers who have made discoverings that support his theories; people such as Enderlein, Naessens, and Uwins.

Or looking at renewable or ‘free’ energy might find you needing to take a closer look at Nikola Tesla. Actually, investigating sacred geometry might get you immersed in Tesla’s 3-6-9 thing, and his system of multiplication. Tesla gets into lots of places…


Learning about primate evolution or psychology could – and should – introduce you to Eugene Marais. Don’t emulate his morphine addiction, but most definitely take a leaf from his observations of South African chacma baboons – and termites, for that matter.

It’s not all about science, though. Life is an art, so therefore an appreciation of art, in all its disguises, is entirely appropriate, and will be entertained at will and requiring no other reason than the joy of it.

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