I love this book and couldn’t get enough of it. Wendy Dunn does a good job of describing the sequence of events that led to Anne Boleyn’s rise and downfall. This book was so well written that one feels as if they were Thomas Wyatt, feeling every emotion he was going through, and the depth of his love for Anne Boleyn. Alot of detail is also given about Thomas Wyatt’s political/court career on the continent. Overall, a very enjoyable and historically accurate read.” – Amazon review.

“I would recommend “Dear Heart” to anyone who enjoys a love story or who has even a passing interest in English history. It is a beautifully written novel of love and betrayal. In fact, I’m off to read it again, just as soon as I dry my eyes.” – Debra Stang.


“This book was nothing short but inspirational. I am in no way an electrical expert but this book makes me want to start a career in electrical engineering. After reading this informative autobiography of one of the world greatest inventors, I started researching ways to learn basic electrical components and how they work hands-on. I am mechanically inclined in certain ways but not an innovating way that Tesla was. The books shows how his ambitious mind to better mankind worked till he either passed out from exhaustion or a nervous breakdown. This is one of my favorite books and took notes of his quotes and actions so that I can mimic his persona to my advantage in some way.”

“There have been very few men born as compelling as Nikola Tesla. This father of alternating current and post mortem pop-culture icon shows himself to be fascinatingly introspective and shockingly accurate with his predictions of computers, the internet, AI, and World War ll. A must read for anyone interested in science or philosophy.”

“Awesome book. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the life and works of Nikola Tesla. Not only is it an invitation to one of the greatest minds of the last century but a chance to get to know Tesla as a person, as the book is filled with anecdotes of his early life. To my surprise and amusement, the inventor had a great sense of humour and very interesting views on various matters, such as friendship, politics and others. The book was written in 1919, almost a century ago, but i am sure it will be an inspiration for several generations to come, as some of Tesla’s ideas and conceptions have only started to become possible in the last few decades. This particular edition has pictures and illustrations of Tesla’s career and inventions, as well as some others extracted from newspapers and scientific publications of the time. It is also very short (81 pages) and can be read in a single afternoon.”


Hume’s book will challenge your thinking

“For the few physicians that can think outside the box of their medical training, Hume’s book will challenge your thinking on the “disease theory” that has dominated American medical schools for the past century. It is very well researched and presents documentation from the Academy of Physicians of which both Pasteur and Bechamp were members. She presents excerpts of presentations, including timelines, for which both men supplied before the academy, and one will readily see the vast differences in intelligence and integrity between these two individuals.”

A major bifurcation point in medicine! 

This historical view of modern medicine, the germ theory, illustrates clearly how truth is circumvented in favor of the special interests of the powerful. The masses not privy to this information suffer needlessly when independent researchers who discover facts not in alignment with modern medical beliefs go unheeded. Modern medicine needs to return to this bifurcation point and take the pleomorphic path. When this phenomenon is truly understood drugs poisons will disappear as do all things which outlive their usefulness. This book is required reading for anyone choosing to understand how the body heals. –Kasmin E. Jefferson

Remove the veil of lies and revel in the truth 

We have been so ingrained for our entire lives to think and live our lives a certain way ingrained with a certain belief and thought system that so controls our lives. It is a bit challenging to begin this epic saga of removing the veil of lies, opening your concious thought patterns to something outside of our normal belief patterns and look at the evidence subjectively. There is so much to take in and I have to recommend a companion read which is where I actually got this title from. It is called Immunizations: The Reality Behind the Myth by Wallen James. Our child is autistic and these books are helping me to understand the actual science behind these new manmade designer diseases that are sweeping the globe. Very eye opening. Plan on reading them several times over to take in all the info. I am on my third read and it is like reading it for the first time……….again. – Tom Woolf