Tritcheon Hash

Sue Lange

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“TRITCHEON HASH froze in place. She’d seen air, vacuum, wild strange planets during the course of her training. She’d lived at times in atmospheres devoid of oxygen, in acidic wastelands, in highly radioactive dustbowls. She’d been confronted by higher-brain functioning species that were as like humans as turds are like flowers … but nothing frightened her quite as much as the thought of meeting the parents of the most well-ordered collection of anything she’d ever encountered in her life.”

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n the year 3011, humanity has gone through a collective divorce, with the male and female halves taking to different planets to live.

Here is a new edition of Sue Lange’s mercilesss and clever Sci Fi satire of pretty much everything to do with the relationships between women and men. This witty and often hard-hitting story is set in a weird dystopic future which also manages to seem oddly familiar. The issues are the same; it’s just the tools and the setting that are different.

This is inventive feminist sci-fi that goes for laughs, not lectures, while still supplying the jolt and provocation good speculative work requires. Perhaps the most illuminating of its many running jokes — and I do mean running; our heroine here is a natural-born speed demon — are the many nightmare exaggerations of how males can seem to the so-called fairer sex. Those chuckles, too, are all the richer because they’re placed in the context of an potential intergalatic rapprochement. The question zooms across the stars: Can this marriage be saved?

“I am not what anyone would call a devoted science fiction fan. I am, however, a devoted Tritcheon Hash fan. After getting so caught up in reading the beginning of this book that I went past my bus stop and wound up at the end of the line (okay, so that’s only four stops), I dished out the rest of the book to myself in small portions, wanting the reading of it to never end. Alas, like all good things … Sue Lange’s insights into our present society, so sharply and humorously reflected in her vision of an all too possible future of the human race, are insightful and cause in the reader (well, this reader at least) thinking on a plane above and beyond any of the usual comfort zones. I think this book is an absolute must read for all who savor dry humor and intelligent, provocative fiction.” – reader review

Read the first chapter of Tritcheon Hash here.

Sue Lange is a founding member of Book View Café, the authors’ collective that includes over 30 published writers such as Ursula K. Le Guin, Vonda N. McIntyre, Patricia Rice, and Sherwood Smith.

Lange’s first novel Tritcheon Hash was first published in 2003. Her second novel We, Robots was published in 2007. In 2009, BVC released a collection of her previously published short stories entitled Uncategorized. Then in 2010, BVC released her literary science fiction novel, The Textile Planet.

More reviews

“This book is a blast. Its a hilarious, definitely feminine perspective on how things could go in a future society about 1000 years in the future when women get tired of us annoying men that dont learn how to behave. The take on how men and women go from the point of women saying “we’re done” is hilarious. The jokes and humor in the story are awesome, the setting is great, even the names of some of the items are funny. Although as a male, I dont think I’d want to be on either planet, I know of course which planet I’d have to choose to live on, just that I would be kicked out. It would be interesting to see a sequel covering what was alluded to in the last half of the book as well as to see how well we men do. We can behave! Promise!” – reader review

“…the character of Tritcheon jumps off the page and comes to life quickly. Her world is so vastly different that it does take some time to picture and completely grasp it, but that’s part of the unique fun of this novel. The author’s descriptions and vocabulary are also expertly unique and gripping, but do take some getting used to in the beginning. I was captivated by the plot rather quickly and looked forward to how it all would play out. I recommend this ebook to all women and all men who love good sci-fi; I especially recommend this ebook to all those who love a dash of humor mixed in as well.” – reader review

PAPERBACK  |  Amazon

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